I have just finished A Dance with Dragon of old George R R Martin.

I was with him long before he become so famous.

With him is always the same.

Like a lifelong bastard lover he leaves me for years and I swear I don’t love him anymore. I swear that he is not so amazing and I can happily live without him in my life.  After the mild delusion of our last reunion for A Feast for Crows I thought that I was finally over him.

But then he comes back.

Bad tempered, dirty and with a long beard and I am again clinging at his fat leg telling him how much I love him and pleading that he won’t go away again.

But he goes anyway.

So now I am once more at home alone waiting for him and his stupid The Winds of Winter!

I only have my memories of the amazing moments spent togheter to share with all his others lonely lovers. And make projects on how will it be the next time.

And even if I feel really badly mistreaten to have to wait for at least five years I cannot avoid sighing and longing for the Bearded Bastard to come back in my life.