Hello fellow nerds!

I am writing this post because I am very proud to say that we have been roleplaying (and I don’t mean sexually) at over 11,900 feet above sea level on the mountains!

During this summer mountain expedition aiming to reach one of the highest shelter in Europe, Capanna Margherita on top of Monte Rosa (and by the way, we did it ^-^), when we stopped for the night at the base shelter, we managed to take out dice and character sheets and played at 3647 metres on sea level among tough muscular guys drinking grappa.

Maybe there has been nerds on Himalaya base camp too, but i am not aware of it. If anybody can notify something about it please let me know!

Usually we nerds stay pretty much always in front of a screen. Since Amazon there is even no need anymore to go to the comic store.

It is a great day for nerds!