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BreeeaaaaadIf I hear one more time that bread is fat I am gonna scream.

I can’t stand this idiotic trend of hyper proteic diets.

Why women are so stupid when it comes down to their diet?

Yes, of course if you eat nothing but proteins and veggies you will slim down very quickly but that is not the point!

Beside the obvious damage for your liver and kidney due to Ketoacidosis , but speaking only with aesthetic in mind, if you start with a hyper protein regime either you keep it for the rest of your life or as soon as you bite into a carb you will start to get fat again.

I have not a degree to sustain my opinion but I have a long story of dieting and some sense.


The amount of fat in 100 gr of bread is a lot lower than that of 100 gr of non fat red meat.

How by that?

Carbs of course have quite an amount of calories. Big deal.

It is just a matter of quantities.

Stop being scared of carbs and avoiding them  like they were zombies eager to transform you in something horrible.

There are no foods you cannot put in a slimming diet.

Did you know that butter has less calories than olive oil? This  said olive oil is usually processed more easily by the body.

Did you know that pasta has more or less the same amount of calories than rice?

And there are many more false believes that even I that I am not a nutritionist could list.

So stop being scare of food! It is YOU that are suppose to eat IT and not the contrary!

And stop behaving like teenagers trying some stupid diet to shed kilos before the prom.







Harajuku girl Kyari Pamiyu Pamiyu!

Now I already cannot live without.

I think she even beats the AKB48



Olivia Wilde

When she first appeared on Dr House we were all impress with how amazingly beautiful she was.

Even to much for me. Too perfect, too cold. Boring.

Then I stopped watching the show and I lost track of her.

One day my younger cousin was saying he had a crush on her and so I knew she had become famous.

But we all know that with notoriety along come paparazzi.

And recently have surfaced a lot of candid of Olivia “13” Wilde.

And here she is! A young woman with a stunning face and the perfect average body!


She is completely flat chested even without being extremely skinny.

She has a non descript booty and a tiny shade of cellulite on her tights.


And she has some remarkably short and full legs!

What is to say?

I like her!

I like this girl with an amazing face and a girl-next-door real body!

I like her now that she is no more in the Angelina and Megan Olympus and has lost her mystic aura of divine flawlessness!

Now that she walks with her perfect angel face among us common people!


N.B. I still have to form an opinion regarding her acting skills. In Cow Boys and Aliens they didn’t look too good.




Red Sonja

After the dreadfull remake of Conan that makes you  long for Schwarzenegger acting skill, there are rumors of a remake of Red Sonja.

I watched the movie again some month ago and I thought that it has not aged gracefully but it still holds a big potential. I would really like to see a modern new version.

But it doesn’t look good from the beginning.

This time for the role of Sonja , the  athlethic female barbarian warrior  once performed by Brigitte Nielsen  it seems they have choosen … Rose Mc Gowen!

Now, I like Rose with her small soft body and her ultrawhite skin and I also admit that her face has a remote resemblance with young Ms Nielsen’s.

But even if she is to be considered a  bad girl  you really cannot picture her as a brutal gigantic amazon.

I don’t think her soft arms can even hold the prop sword for the fighting sequence.

Also she was the villain in Conan remake.

So here are my choice of big fit girls  for Red Sonja role.

Ehi Hollywood! Anybody hear me?

Come on! You can do better!

Since Hollywood producer tend to be quite dumb and lack imagination, I also put swords in the pictures!

Amanda Righetti

Milla Jovovich

Jessica Biel

Charlize Theron

Ke-lly! Ke-lly! Ke-lly!

Ok, she probably would never research the string Theory or discover a cure for cancer.

Or even ever complete a crossword puzzle I am afraid.

But ehi, what can you say  in front of this?

100% natural stuff. And she is over 30 .

Usually good for retirement for a model.

From  my favourite website :

Not so beautiful as people say.

Here is another list.

These are girls that media say are beautiful and I say they are not!

I mean, of course they are above average but we are talking of women who live on their beauty and are  of inspiration  for  teenagers with low self esteem.


Amber Heard

I can’t stand to see her glorified for her beauty and takent.

She is nothiing more tahn the average skinny blond without boobs and with an unremarkable face.

And she absoluty CAN’ T act.

If she didn’t pretend to be an actress but express her  extraordinary talent in the fashion industry I would be less annoied.

And please, stop implying that she looks like Marylin!


Cameron Diaz

I think she is a good actress and she has a very charming smile and probably she is also fun  to have around.

But she has a male body . And I like muscles. It is just I don’t like so many on her that is so skinny. She has no waist and not even small boobs.

Don’t tell me she is SO beautiful.


Christina Ricci

I used to like her very much when she was one of the few really curvy actresses in Hollywood.

Now she is scary.  With her crazy eyes she looks like someone who want to bite you.

And she has a bad hip-waist rate.

What I call Lizard Body




Crystal Renn

She had to little boobs to promote the image of the curvy woman when she was bigger.

And she is just one of the many scary skinny models with protruding cheekbones now.



Heidi Klum

Come on, this girl was having an affair with Flavio Briatore ( Ugh!)

She nust be one of that women that say that they like men that make them laugh.

Yes, when they make jokes about their platinum credit cards and how long is their yatch.

Even for a a girl whose main talent is to be beautiful she is to stupid! Look at that empty smile and eyes.

Probably my childhood Barbie has deeper thoughs than her.

And she has no waist! She is supposed to be working and be payed because of her  perfect body.


Kate Upton

Ok, after this one my boyfriend will leave me.

I know she has the most amazing boobs in the world but for me that I am an eterosexual female this isn’t enough. I admit it was fun in the beginning watching her on the catwalk.

And it is true that she is one of the few models that doesn’t looks like a starving cocaine addict but just like the shallow happy girl next door.

But I can’t stand that she is presented like ” finally a model with some meat on!”.


She is a skinny girl with big beautiful natural soft boobs.

She has no waist, no booty and her legs have a unsettling shape without calves.

She could do better for a 19 year old model!

This said I wish her the best luck!




Renee Zellweger

OK she has beautiful blue eyes and with the right director she can be a good actress.

But I cannot really consider this beautiful



Women I think goergeous

This is a lot more subjective list

These are some women that even if cannot compete with more perfect or younger creatures like Angelina and Charlize, has something special that make them gorgeous.

Allison Scagliotti

Kristin Bauer now

Unbeatable among the women her age. Much better now than when she was younger.

Very sexy harsh voice too.

I know, probably she is not 100% natural…

Michelle Rodriguez

Vanessa Williams now

She is much more beautiful now than when she was young.

Sasha Grey

And one of the best booty too.

Her is my list.

Beauty come in many sizes and shapes.

I’m a little short of black and asian beauties but it is just beacause I don’t know many.

Obviously Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron are included in this list. But they are boring-beautiful, so I won’t post their pictures.

Here they are in some kind of alphabetical order

Ali Larter

Almost boring in her perfect blond beauty. Almost…

Amanda Righetti
I’m not  very fond of her broad shoulders-small boobies body but her face with that slightly irregular nose does the job.
Christy Turlington
I don’ t know if she still is that beautiful naturally. Hard to say with pictures.
And she is very thin. Maybe too much, even.
Christina Hendricks
Maybe now she is a little bit too heavy but still one of the most beautiful face in the ‘verse
Deborah Anne Woll
Elizabeth Hurley
Eva Green
Also a stunning body when she is not skeletal like she has become recently.
Famke Janssen
Not a flattering picture and still she manages to be very beautiful.
Jaime Murray
Thin and perfect. The pictures don’t give her the right credit.
And she also has a charming british accent.
Jennifer Connelly
Beautiful girl with tick eyebrows.
This one should be in the list of the Once most beautiful women.
Now she looks like she is some kind of neurotic diet freak. Anyway …
Jessica Biel
Beautiful athletic powerful body. She could be a Norse Valkyrie.
I’m not so confident that she is a natural beauty though…
Helena Bonham Carter
Not a remarkable body but her face…
Kelly Brook
Probably from some lab genetic experiment. Simply perfect.
Laetitia Casta
A perfect beauty with irregular teeth
Lindze Merrit
She use to be a overweight girl. So kudos to her!
Especially for not exceeding in the weight loss path and becoming Christinaricciskinny.
Difficult to say how beautiful she really is because she is a cosplayer so almost all her pictures are  with full make up and proper lights. Still…
And she has the most amazing thighs I’ve  ever seen
Lucy Liu
Michelle Pfeiffer
Maybe not as beautiful as she used to be.
But she admits of having had some jobs done to her face. And she is one of the fews that has done it with some taste
Natalie Portman
A beauty since she was thirteen
Nicole Kidman
 We like to rememeber her like she was before her mad surgical disfiguration of herself.
Salma Hayek
We can debate about her face beeing THAT beautiful, but not about her body
Thora Birch
Disappeared in the mists after American Beauty and a bunch of lesser movies.
Beautiful even when she is blond

Thank you Kelly for being there!

We love Kelly Brook!

I know, I know, she IS a woman. I didn’t say I want to go out and have a chat with her.

I only think she is a great role model aesthetically speaking.