And this time not for our former premier grossness (At the moment it seems that we have at least partially  succeeded in getting rid of the disgusting dwarf).

I’m her to apologize for my english.

You have to know that I’m quite good compared with rest of the italian lot.

Basically italians don’t know english.

Dubbing is to blame.

Every movie you watch in Italy is dubbed.

Once, until the first 90’s, american actors used to be quite lame.

Since the italian dubbing is very emphatic, it  often made them a huge service enhancing their performances.

I didn’t watch movies in english back then and once I made the mistake of trying Matrix in his original language.

The ultra-cool Neo talked like a traumatized hamster.

Then I tried Interview with the Vampire.

Since back then apparently dental prosthetic still needed a bit of work, my erotic dream Lestat the vampire ( I was young) spelt every s with an embarrassing shushing sound.

Now american actors have become amazing.

And italian dubbing is getting worse every year.  The performances are very pompous and theatrical and so distant from the often very personal and peculiar original voices.

I cannot go to the cinema anymore because I can’t stand dubbing.

Not that italian actors are better.

They really really sucks.

Anyway since italians always manage to make themselves understood to a certain degree they don’t apply themself to the task of learning english.

It his a bit cocky of me to decide to write my blog in english but I thought it could be a good exercise.

Also I don’t think my friends will really be interested in what I write since I have already express my opinions to them in person.

So maybe someone else will.

Whatever I will decide to write on this blog.

That it is not exactly clear to me at the moment.