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Yesterday I was watching the latest serial-killer-suspance-investigation movie and I really had enough.

I understand that since US history is no older than a handful of centuries , american collective imagination  has to make do with it

American mythos and epos are mostly rooted in the present and recent past and this is what makes the Serial Killer such a powerful monster .

This said, I find really annoying this mythicization of the sociopaths.

If it is true that some serial killers have very sharp minds and the shrewdness to play and trick the law enforcement, most of them are just some deeply damaged weirdos that cannot fit inside  society.

For an articulate and charming Ted Bundy there are twenty guys that lack the basic social skills to keep a job or speak to a woman.

We are talking about guys that live with their mothers and don’ t have a job or shy and repressed husbands suffering from erectile disfunction.

There are no Red John or Hannibal Lecter. Forget the jigsaw and Kevin Spacey. These guys are sad and pathetic figures who commit horrible crimes because they are weak and succumb to their lowest impulses.

Since they do what they do  mostly because is their only way to feel powerful and let go of the frustration an the rage and the sadness they keep inside and to get attention I find deeply wrong that cinema gave them so much prestige.

Is like rewarding a child for being nasty.

In the average serial killer movie our serial killer guy is a cunning genius who leads around the detective/hero like a puppeteer and kills its victims quick like a super-villain, disappearing without any trace. Come on! It is exactly how they like to imagine themselves. Why give them satisfaction?!

This also gives an unrealistic opinion of what the general population is really dealing with.

If a serial killer is not caught so easily is because what characterizes his crime is the lack of motive. This is  is what put off the investigation badly. Even a dumb disorganized criminal leaving tons of sperm and hairs on the crime scene in some cases can go free for years if he is not in any way connected to the victim or his blood sample is not in any database.

No need to be an evil genius.

They don’t usually break smoothly in an apartment and prey on beautiful women spleeping in their silken sheets.

They prey on the weaks.

Children, hitchhikers , old women, prostitutes , women coming home late in the poorest suburbs and desperate and naive gay men in search of fun are the most obvious victims.

And you don’ t need to be particularly powerful or sophisticated to prey on people if you have a gun or a knife.










BreeeaaaaadIf I hear one more time that bread is fat I am gonna scream.

I can’t stand this idiotic trend of hyper proteic diets.

Why women are so stupid when it comes down to their diet?

Yes, of course if you eat nothing but proteins and veggies you will slim down very quickly but that is not the point!

Beside the obvious damage for your liver and kidney due to Ketoacidosis , but speaking only with aesthetic in mind, if you start with a hyper protein regime either you keep it for the rest of your life or as soon as you bite into a carb you will start to get fat again.

I have not a degree to sustain my opinion but I have a long story of dieting and some sense.


The amount of fat in 100 gr of bread is a lot lower than that of 100 gr of non fat red meat.

How by that?

Carbs of course have quite an amount of calories. Big deal.

It is just a matter of quantities.

Stop being scared of carbs and avoiding them  like they were zombies eager to transform you in something horrible.

There are no foods you cannot put in a slimming diet.

Did you know that butter has less calories than olive oil? This  said olive oil is usually processed more easily by the body.

Did you know that pasta has more or less the same amount of calories than rice?

And there are many more false believes that even I that I am not a nutritionist could list.

So stop being scare of food! It is YOU that are suppose to eat IT and not the contrary!

And stop behaving like teenagers trying some stupid diet to shed kilos before the prom.