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BreeeaaaaadIf I hear one more time that bread is fat I am gonna scream.

I can’t stand this idiotic trend of hyper proteic diets.

Why women are so stupid when it comes down to their diet?

Yes, of course if you eat nothing but proteins and veggies you will slim down very quickly but that is not the point!

Beside the obvious damage for your liver and kidney due to Ketoacidosis , but speaking only with aesthetic in mind, if you start with a hyper protein regime either you keep it for the rest of your life or as soon as you bite into a carb you will start to get fat again.

I have not a degree to sustain my opinion but I have a long story of dieting and some sense.


The amount of fat in 100 gr of bread is a lot lower than that of 100 gr of non fat red meat.

How by that?

Carbs of course have quite an amount of calories. Big deal.

It is just a matter of quantities.

Stop being scared of carbs and avoiding them  like they were zombies eager to transform you in something horrible.

There are no foods you cannot put in a slimming diet.

Did you know that butter has less calories than olive oil? This  said olive oil is usually processed more easily by the body.

Did you know that pasta has more or less the same amount of calories than rice?

And there are many more false believes that even I that I am not a nutritionist could list.

So stop being scare of food! It is YOU that are suppose to eat IT and not the contrary!

And stop behaving like teenagers trying some stupid diet to shed kilos before the prom.








Sometimes you wonder if you are the only thinking human being left.

I feel insulted by some advertising. Am I the only one to notice?

I am talking about advertising and fashion spread in which they show models eating.

I think that very few women can feel at ease having someone taking pictures of them while eating.

But the result is really grottesque when the girl in question is maybe not a terrific actress and terrified by food!

Look at these pictures of girls “happily” eating!

The feeling is like when kids pretend to be eating a bug.

Oh yes Heidi we sooo believe that you usually eat hamburger and fries (Look how her mouth doesn’t really make contact with food).

Look at their grinning tense mouth. Those are not smiles. Do you see  how they can barely tolerate the contact of the food against their teeth? They are trying to stoically endure the struggle for as long as it takes the shooting but they are almost in panic. Can you see the look of terror in their eyes?

Some of the best are of course those  involving chocolate and sweets!

Poor Mila Kunis can endure the exhausting routine of a professional dancer but she cannot for the love of God to pretend to be eating cotton candy ( I’m sure that  in her shoes Natalie Portman would practice day and night how to eat sugar before the photo shoot )

Are we seriously supposed to believe that these women would happily eat chocolate? Chewing some lettuce. Even biting an apple maybe. But chocolate?!

They would hate themsalves for months if they did.

You can plainly see that the poor girls are in panic “OMG! What if accidentally my tongue will touch the chocolate?! Please let it be over soon so I can go and wash my mouth! And maybe throw up a little bit just in case”.

And apparently some of them, like Jessica Alba, don’t even remember that the food is supposed to be going through the mouth and simply keep it in their hand. Not to close to the face.

I know it is not nice to make fun of eating disorders. And actually I am not.

I have nothing but sympathy for these poor fragile girls. What piss me off are the dumb art directors and photographers behind these shots.

Hey you idiots! Don’t you see what are you putting this girls through? Don’t you see the ludicrous result in the pictures?!                 You should be selling the idea of love for food not the terror of it!                                                                                                                   Do you know that there are million of beautiful photogenic, if not ultra skinny,  girls that can bite into chocolate without hating themselves? Oh  I see…  you only want to use models of course. You are classy.

Let me show you something, THIS is a model eating.

And probably she will not even finish that apple.

Sara Wayne Callis as Lori

I really can’t stand her character Lori in The Walking Dead.

Sara Wayne ( Wayne is not her real name. WTF ) too doesn’t seems a very healthy person, with her suspiciously skinny body and her neurotic expression.

One of the sacriest thing in the show is her picture with the allucinated eyes and fake smile during the main title.

I love the show (even if there is always a little bit to much of people talking and to few zombies), but Lori really presents a problem. She heavily gets on  my nerves. And usually only blonds annoy me that much!

I was wondering if from the production’s point of view we were  suppose to like her. Being her the main female character and the beloved wife of our (poor thing) hero.

But I am happy to know that I’m not the only one who hate her ! There are a lot of people on IMDB that have the same feelings.

She is simply a self-righteous assuming  b****.

She always act like she is a tough gal and inevitably ends doing something very stupid.

You wonder how could she have survived so long. But the answer is : thanks to someone else of course!

Not that the other female characters in the show are much better.

The sad thing is that they are not bad written.

I’m afraid that most women will behave the same in that situation…

Why I hate women 3

I: ” Hi K I have to ask you a favour. This evening my friend Lorenzo is coming over for dinner and a movie.

Since I am not romantically interested in him and I am afraid he is planning to  make a move, could you come over too?”

K” Ok, no problem!”

They come for dinner and the movie.

It is crystal clear that Lorenzo would like to be alone with me but since there is K everything goes smooth.

Next day I speak with K.

I: “Hi K, thank you for yesterday. Everything went well.”

K: ” Well, I have to tell you. Yesterday evening I almost left. I couldn’t stand the situation.

He was hitting on you all the time! ”

I: ” …”


The moral of the story is

You can warn a woman about something in advance. If she doesn’t like reality, she simply takes as a personal offence to have to deal with it.

“I told you so ” simply doesn’t work with them.


Why I hate women 2

A true story.


K receives a text on her mobile. It is from Marco, the guy she is currently seeing.

K:  “Marco is asking me out this evening. I’m texting him that I  cannot because I’m going out with Laura.”

She texts him

K receives another text

K: “Now he asks about tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to go to that concert.

She text him.

K receives another text.

K: “He says it doesn’t matter”

K: “Maybe we could go out Wendsday…”

She text him.

K receives another texy.

K: “He says he cannot because on Wendsday he has to see his family. THE BASTARD!”

Why I hate women


I hate women.

I know that I am one too but I am quite good in not behaving like one.

Of course I am talking about the women I know. The ones that live in a big modern city in the west of the world.

It has not always been like that.

When I was very young I truly believed in all those feminist bullshit about girls being better than boys.

Then I discovered that even little girls are very duplicitous and scheming . And life at the  secondary school was like a  bad written-not-glossy soap opera.

Back then boys kept playing soccer, and laughing for silly jokes and swearing a lot.  A very much simpler lifestyle.

I grew up playing with my bigger male cousins. And I learnt to love Role Playing,  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, action movies , horror  movies and comics and videogames and all that silly and funny stuff.

Then I got my first boyfriend and I learnt to love heavy metal.

At the time I was attending an high school with a very small percentage of male population and  I finally discovered that I had nothing to share with my rich teenage  classmates.

Since then my friends are always been male.

And I’ve seen from their point of view how they were mistreated by the girls who claims to be “sooo  sensitive”.

Basically a woman is a being who doesn’t have a clue of what she want but anyway wants it  at any cost.

This way she will  always be unhappy and frustrated.

Handle with care.

I will try to explain further in the future how this unbelivably convoluted creature works.

It may turn out to be usefull.