Zombies are my favourite monsters.

And that is because they are unconventional ones for many reasons.

A single zombie is no great threat. You can easily avoid or beat one.

Zombies are not super strong.

They have human-like  senses  (according to some , they have a very keen sense of smell).

They are stupid.

They are clumsy.

They are slow.

What make the zombies a great danger is their number , their stamina and the fact that they infect the people they bite creating new zombies.

And when your friend Bob or your brother is turned into a zombie and comes at you with his mouth open trying to eat you alive you really have to steel yourself to discourage him by crushing this skull.

So the threat presented by a zombie  is more subtle than simply  the fact that a dead guy is trying to feed on your meat. Sometimes the dead guy can be your dead guy.

You can argue that vampires do the same thing.

But vampire only turn selected individuals and these keep their personality and their memories.

If your friend Bob come back from the world of death as a vampire and tries to feed on you is probably because you still owe him some money.

Zombies don’t hate you. They are just very hungry.

And now you can say that also werewolves are.

But werwolves stop killing after they have fed. And they only turn into beasts with the full moon.

Being a zombies and being  hungry  are permanent conditions.

There is no need to picture zombies like creatures that run. Almost every other monster  does.

Is too easy if they do it  too.

Zombies are not sprinters they are marathon guys.

Also the zombie stands up in the monsters category because it has no sexual implications.

They are not sexy. They are not pale, they are rotten!

Zombies don’t want eat people to get physically or spiritualy  in contact with them. Zombies feel for people the same sexual attraction people feel for a sandwich ( Yeah I know that you can find every kind of sexual perversion but we are talking in general terms)

And zombie authority Simon Pegg agrees with me!


By the way Dead Set is good.