When she first appeared on Dr House we were all impress with how amazingly beautiful she was.

Even to much for me. Too perfect, too cold. Boring.

Then I stopped watching the show and I lost track of her.

One day my younger cousin was saying he had a crush on her and so I knew she had become famous.

But we all know that with notoriety along come paparazzi.

And recently have surfaced a lot of candid of Olivia “13” Wilde.

And here she is! A young woman with a stunning face and the perfect average body!


She is completely flat chested even without being extremely skinny.

She has a non descript booty and a tiny shade of cellulite on her tights.


And she has some remarkably short and full legs!

What is to say?

I like her!

I like this girl with an amazing face and a girl-next-door real body!

I like her now that she is no more in the Angelina and Megan Olympus and has lost her mystic aura of divine flawlessness!

Now that she walks with her perfect angel face among us common people!


N.B. I still have to form an opinion regarding her acting skills.┬áIn Cow Boys and Aliens they didn’t look too good.